Brittany Lockett is a singer-songwriter from Calgary Alberta pursuing her dream of turning her passion for music into her career.

Brittany pours her heart and soul into composing original tunes and is working hard to make them available for the public. Her SoundCloud includes self-produced tracks where Brittany is playing all parts (ukulele, guitar, djembe and harmonies). Brittany is also working with her producer to transform her tunes into radio quality hits. Sign up below to stay up to date on Brittany’s shows, new music and other exciting milestones of her journey!

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Try a listen to some of Brittany’s “Closet Recordings”

These songs were self-produced by Brittany herself with nothing but her laptop and a little determination. Enjoy 😉


No “radio faces” here…

Brittany likes to record videos from time-to-time. Subscribe to her YouTube channel for Brittany Lockett for the ears AND eyes.



From Alanis Morissette to Elvis Presley

Brittany’s inspiration for music is drawn from her eclectic musical tastes, varying from pop artists such as Natalie Imbrulia, Jack Johnson, Alanis Morissette and other classics such as Michael Jackson, Led Zeppelin, Etta James and Elvis Presley. At the age of 18, Brittany learned how to play guitar and her passion for writing songs was ignited when she realized she could pour her emotions into beautiful melodies and lyrics.

Song Writing

Connecting to the community

Brittany began songwriting and played at open mics while studying to become a nurse. She worked in home care for the past few years and kept up music in her spare time. She wrote several songs and played gigs at various cafĂ©s with her brother Justin. In the past year Brittany was commissioned by two charities. She wrote the song “My Homefront” to help promote awareness for victims of domestic violence and abuse and performed her song at the charity’s fundraising event. Brittany also wrote the song for the opening of “Marjorie’s home of hope and healing” as part of the Dream Centre in support of women recovering from addiction.


My Homefront

Love is a statement that says, “I care”

It takes a community to end domestic violence, and even one person can make a difference. Learn how you can get involved and empower the movement at www.homefrontcalgary.com

Watch the video above to hear Brittany Lockett’s original song, “My Homefront.”



Pursuing the dream

In July of 2016, Brittany left her work in homecare and embarked on a 3 1/2 month long journey travelling Europe with only a backpack and her Ukulele. During her travels, Brittany focused on writing songs inspired by her experiences and surroundings. As Brittany played in the streets, hostels, on the beach and in bars and cafés throughout Europe, her unique voice and sound were well received by the locals and fellow travellers. Brittany made fans everywhere she played and her desire to pursue music as a career grew. After returning home from her journey, Brittany is more motivated than ever before to take the necessary steps to have her unique original tunes heard by the public. Brittany is working with her producer Steve Rokosh, to record radio quality tunes, develop her brand and grow in her abilities as an artist, bringing her folk-pop sound to the next level. In 2017, Brittany will be launching a radio campaign, releasing an EP on iTunes and performing in venues in and around her hometown Calgary.


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